Submitting Contracted Fares to Airlines for ATPCO Distribution

Note: You must enter a support case to submit contracted airline fares with ATPCO. See Entering a Support Case for instructions.


Deem uses ITA Software for flight search results and pricing, and you can add ancillary sources as well (see Ancillary Sources of Travel Search Results for details). Deem reprices the selected flight in the global distribution system (GDS) to ensure that the fare is correct. All tickets are issued by the GDS. ITA and the global distribution systems receive standard airline industry data feeds from ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company)ATPCO collects fare-related data from airlines and makes them available to ITA and the global distribution systems. 

In order for fares to be visible within Travel, airline carriers must file the contracted fares (referred to in the Partner Dashboard as "negotiated rates") with ATPCO for distribution to both the booking GDS and ITA. 

Note: If your agency has built private fares directly into the GDS, those fares will not be displayed during availability when searching by price.

As an agency with contracted fares for an airline, you will want the airline to make contracted fares available to ITA and the booking GDS through ATPCO. This topic describes the process for submitting contracted fares to an airline carrier's pricing department for ATPCO distribution.

Submission Process 

The process is as follows:

As the agency, you perform the following steps:

  1. Enter a support case to ask Deem to configure ITA and load pricing codes. See Entering a Support Case for instructions.
  2. Submit fare filing forms to the airline carrier (Agency Files Forms in the above diagram).
    • You must perform this step so that the carrier will amend its fares filed with ATPCO.
    • We provide a sample generic letter to the carrier below.
    • Most major domestic and international carriers also require their own carrier-specific fare filing form for contract fare filings (see samples below).
    • ITA, for fare filing purposes, is considered a GDS (GDS Code 1U).
  3. Send the Agency Form to Release Contract Fares (see below) to Deem.

Sample Letter to Carrier

The following is a sample letter you (as the agency) can use to describe the requirement of amending the carrier's ATPCO filing to add ITA and Deem GDS codes:

 Click here to expand...

ABC Agency
123 Anywhere Lane Anytown, NC, 27503

Add Date

TO: Insert Sales Manager Name

We are excited to be working closely with Insert Carrier as one of our key travel partners.

We have been informed by Deem that we need to make a formal request to add GDS codes 1U as a subscriber to our private fares, thus sending them to ITA (1U).

Please open up G30 distribution to GDS code "1U".  Please also add the PCCs (pseudo-city codes) and any account codes if applicable to the distribution security.

This request is an addition to current distribution channels and is not a replacement.

Since we are actively tracking this request and would like to start shopping and booking on Insert Carrier as soon as possible, please notify me when this has been completed.

Have a great day!


Insert Agency Rep Name

Sample Carrier Fare Filing Form and ARC Form

The following is a sample carrier fare filing form to use with American Airlines. Please contact the carrier for up-to-date forms:

The following is a sample ARC form to use with United Airlines. Please contact the carrier for up-to-date forms:

Agency Form to Release Contract Fares to Deem

The following is a sample form letter to send to Deem to release contracted fares from ITA to Deem:

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Basic Agency Request Form


Action (Add or Delete) -- Add

Sales CRS -- Sabre

Sales by Travel Agency (Y/N) -- Yes

Sales Country (+) -- USA

Sales Travel Agency IATA number (+) -- 12345678

Sales Travel Agency Code (PCC) (+) -- 1A2B

(+) denotes that multiple values may be entered

(Y/N) means either YES or NO

Customer understands and acknowledges that the foregoing list of access codes will afford it access to the confidential and proprietary data of airlines and other third parties ("Data Owners"). By submitting this list, Customer affirmatively certifies to ITA Software that it has been granted the right to access this data by the respective Data Owners. Customer understands and acknowledges that ITA will rely on the foregoing certification in giving Customer access to the data in question, and Customer accepts all responsibility for any consequences to ITA that may result from or arise out of such certification having been in any way false, misleading or incorrect.

Name: Insert Name

Title: Insert Title

Phone Number: Insert Phone Number

Request Date: Insert Request Date

After performing the above, the airline carrier files the contracted fares with ATPCO for distribution to ITA and the booking GDS. Deem configures ITA with the appropriate pseudo-city and account codes, and ITA releases the contracted fares to Deem for use in flight searches. ITA releases contracted fares to Deem once a week.

Deem loads the GDS pricing ID codes (a.k.a. SNAP or private fare codes) and ATPCO account codes into the agency configuration of Partner Dashboard. You are notified when this is completed. These include the customer code used to query for airline negotiated rates in the GDS, and the ATPCO account codes and locales for querying airline negotiated rates from ITA. These options are configured by Deem on the Agency Settings page in the "Travel Settings and Negotiated Rates" section (see Adding or Changing Agency Settings for details).

Note: Customer codes are for GDS pricing. Only one customer code should be entered into the Customer Code field in the "Travel Settings and Negotiated Rates" section. Subsequent customer codes must be added to an airline private rate, as described in Airline Private Rates.


After the above process is finished, you can test the contract pricing with Deem by comparing GDS pricing to fares returned in the search results. If the contract fares are not working, you will see a big price drop between the search results and the trip review page.

To test agency-negotiated rates, note the pricing in flight search results, and compare it to the price that appears on the Review page after the flight is repriced in the GDS:

If the fare has decreased, it means that the proper fare did not show up in the flight search results. The reprice in the GDS showed a lower fare. The following are possible reasons:

  • If the ATPCO account code is not entered on the Agency Settings page as described in "Travel Settings and Negotiated Rates" in Adding or Changing Agency Settings. This would result in contracted fares not appearing in search results.
  • If the carrier didn't file a contract for ATPCO distribution to ITA. This would result in contracted fares not appearing in search results for that specific carrier. If the fares appear properly for other carriers, then this is probably the reason it doesn't appear for this carrier.

If no flights were returned in search results, validate (in the GDS) that flight availability indeed exists for the search window requested. If flight availability is confirmed, the following are possible reasons that no flights were returned:

  • The POS access form sent by Deem was not received by ITA. Enter a support case with Deem. See Entering a Support Case for instructions.
  • The POS access form was processed with an ARC or IATA that is different than what is configured in the agency settings. Change the agency settings, as described in in Adding or Changing Agency Settings.