Configuring Automated Ticket Exchange for a Site

Automated ticket exchange is available only for the Sabre global distribution system (GDS). The Sabre exchange service validates ticket fare rules and guarantees the exchange. 

Note: Contact your Deem Account Manager to enable automated ticket exchange for one or more sites.

Changing the Display Configuration

After clicking the Services tab, clicking Travel, and clicking Display Configuration, you can then add or edit the Booking, Change and Cancellation Configuration for controlling what the user sees when booking, changing, or canceling. For specific instructions, see Booking, Change and Cancellation Configuration. The following summarizes the changes you should make:

If you enable users to change or cancel airline flights, hotels, and/or car rentals post booking, you can then choose to restrict how users can change and cancel flights. The following options are available:

  • Allow ticket exchanges that result in forfeiture of residual fare? Choose one of the following:
    • No: The system will recommend that a new ticket is issued as opposed to an exchange.
    • Yes: Enter the "Maximum value that the fare forfeiture will be allowed during an exchange" as a decimal number. The system will allow the exchange of a ticket resulting in a forfeiture within the defined threshold.
  • Allow online changes to offline originated transactions? Choose Yes or No. If you choose Yes, users are allowed to change bookings that were created offline and acquired via PNR synchronization.
  • Allow users to opt out of unused ticket? Choose Yes or No. If you choose Yes, the Remove unused ticket link will appear on the Trip Review page for the user to opt out of applying the unused ticket. The link appears only if the user is booking a new trip, and unused tickets are available. If the user removes the unused ticket, the Apply unused ticket link appears so that the user can reselect it.
  • Select the system behavior that should apply when a user requests to change only their return flight(s): Choose one of the following: 
    • "Advise user of possible fare increase and continue": Show a fare increase warning and allow the change to continue. The system will display a message to the user if there is an increase in the fare. If you enable automated ticket exchange for this site, the system will send a request using the original ticket as an exchange ticket, and maintain the original departure flight segments to derive new return flight results. The user will be able to select from all available return flight solutions. Depending on the flight selected, the system will follow up with another request with the applicable exchange ticket.
    • "Require user to contact agency": Require the user to contact the travel agency for this change. If you enable automated ticket exchange for this site, this flag is ignored, and users can still continue with changing the return flight.

Tip: If the user declines an unused ticket, it is documented in the PNR XML file along with the exchange details for that ticket.

Note: To commit all of your changes, click the changes not applied link at the top of the page. The Commit Changes page appears. Click the Commit button.

Setting Policy for Applying Unused Tickets

You can set the policy for applying unused tickets based on the additional collect amount, using the ticket exchange add collect value as the minimum cost compliant fare rather than the new ticket value. The system provides the estimated cost of changing the trip for each available flight option, and applies minimum cost savings to the lowest available price based on the ticket exchange. if the system recommends a new ticket be issued, policy is based on the cost of the new ticket as compared to other similar options in which the original unused ticket is not part of the exchange solution.

To set travel policy, follow the instructions in Adding or Editing a Travel Policy, including the instructions in the "Applying Unused Tickets". Be sure to set the following option:

  • Apply lowest policy compliant airfare to unused ticket add collect: 
    • Choose Yes to apply the new ticket additional collect amount to the original ticket’s value for policy compliance.
    • Choose No to not apply the new ticket additional collection amount. 

Save the new policy configuration and assign it to a set, as described in Adding or Editing a Travel Policy. You can then enable the policy configuration as a rule for one or more groups, as described under "Travel Policies" in Enabling Travel Rules