Configuring Travel Services

To configure travel services, click the Services tab. The Services | Overview page appears. You can do the following:

Click the Home Page Options link to add or edit the additional resource links that appear in Travel pages. You can enter the URL for an existing resource link in the URL field, and click Add a New Link to add a new row for a new resource link. Click Save to save your changes.

Configure Travel Service Settings

Click the Services tab to configure travel services. The Services | Travel page appears. You can then perform the following:

Configuring Agency Settings

Managing Vendor Preferences

Adding or Editing a Travel Policy

Adding or Editing a Display Configuration

Managing Compliance Codes and Messages

Creating and Managing Custom Fields

Managing Alternate Airports

Enabling Site Payment Cards

Enabling Corporate Payment Cards

Configuring Private Rates

Defining and Managing Hotel Per Diem

Creating Reference Points

Configuring Restricted Countries