Minimum Site Requirements

The following are requirements for using certain aspects of Deem services:

Supported Browsers (latest version)

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Safari 
  • Edge 

CLICK HERE for information on Internet Explorer.

Warning: Users should not open multiple tabs or windows of the browser for a single session using Travel and other services. When multiple tabs or windows are open, actions in one tab or window can change the session, and the other tabs or windows may become non-functional.

Note:  You can open or access this help content and the user help content in a separate tab or window.

Note: To support site users, you can direct them to the "Browser Settings" page of the user help content for specific information on browser settings and where to find more information.

Operating Systems

We develop and QA against the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10+
  • Mac OS 10.15+

Calendar Versions

Many Deem services can schedule events in your calendar, such as travel reservations. Calendar integration allows Deem to directly update your calendar with the event (see Setting Up Groupware Integration for details). This feature is especially important for delegates who book services on behalf of others. The following calendar versions are supported:

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange 2003 (SP3 or higher)

Exchange 2007

Exchange 2010

Exchange 2013

Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus Domino 8.5x

IBM Domino 9.x.x

Consumer Calendars



Outlook 2007

Apple iCal

Junk Mail and Spam Filter Settings

We recommend whitelisting the following domains on the server side (such as Microsoft Exchange) and on the email client side (such as Microsoft Outlook).

With Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to deploy a safe-senders list by using the Domain Controller automatically send out those domains via a Group Policy Object (GPO), and use the GPO settings to  import one or more lists from a stored text file. The domains would automatically be added to each user’s “Safe Senders” list.  

URL for research:

If Deem IP addresses are required:  (IP Range that Deem is the registered owner) 

Note: In disaster recovery, failover, IP changes, or some other unforeseeable situations, these IP addresses are subject to change.

Whitelist Email Domains

Please ensure the IT department has whitelisted all emails from the following domains:

For international users the following may also be needed for international top level domains:

Note:  Failure to whitelist or otherwise accommodate these email domains may cause user activation and notification (including confirmation) emails to be refused by the customer's mail server or be routed to spam/junk mail folders.

Unblock URLs

If a filter or proxy is used to restrict content accessed over the internet, unblocking the following URLs is required:

Failure to unblock these URLs may prevent full content from appearing.

Printer Access

Employees must have access to a printer to print airport parking vouchers and package shipping labels when enabled. 

Logo Specifications

Your site can be configured with a company logo on the home page. Logos must follow these guidelines:

  • The height must no greater than 60 pixels, and the width no greater than 420 pixels.
  • The background of the logo should be transparent to display correctly to end users.
  • The logo must be a GIF file.

For instructions on adding a logo to the site, see Logo Image Upload.