Setting Up Groupware Integration

Why Integrate with Groupware?

You can integrate Deem services such as booking travel and arranging for shipping with your groupware calendars and contacts. For example, as a user books travel, the service can automatically update enterprise or personal calendars with reservation details and changes. And if a travel delegate (arranger) books a trip for someone else, the trip information automatically appears on that person’s calendar.

This convenience provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for the user to manually enter and maintain reservation information.
  • Ensures that the details are always immediately accessible.
  • Users with calendars on their smartphones don't have to print out the information.
  • Updates happen automatically.
  • Saves time for a travel delegate or arranger who books a trip for someone else by eliminating the copying and pasting into the traveler's calendar.

Choosing an Integration Type

You can integrate with existing enterprise groupware solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, IBM (Lotus) Domino, and the calendar in Google Services, and also with personal calendar and address book solutions such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), Yahoo, and Microsoft Outlook. There are two ways to integrate with groupware:

Inline and iCalendar Attachment Integration:
With Inline and iCalendar Attachment integration, the Notification Service sends emails with invitations or attached appointments. For details on how to enable this type of integration, see Inline and iCalendar Attachment Integration.

Enterprise and Personal Groupware Integration:
These configurations offer tighter integration for automatically populating calendars with appointments. Establishing integration at an enterprise level may require downloading and installing utilities and changing groupware configuration settings. We offer the following integration choices:

In addition to these pages, we can provide more information and help you with your integration. Send us an email at


Deem takes the security of your groupware systems very seriously and built a tiered security mechanism to ensure that security is not compromised. To enable enterprise integration, Deem uses XML-based web services to create, update, and delete calendar entries on behalf of users. These operations are performed using a minimal permission delegate account, ensuring that Deem never has access to user account credentials. The services themselves are comprehensively secured through both message authentication and transport security.