Deem Ground Work - Red App Release Notes (v1.24)

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Check out the details on these Deem Ground Work updates below!

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Ground Work  v.1.24 Improvements  (September 25, 2017) 

Sabre Red App: Rail Segment Parsing

  • Description: Rail segments now parse from the Personal Number Record (PNR) or can be manually added as pick up and/or drop off locations.
  • BenefitAgents can create reservations with rail station pick-up and drop off locations. Rail segments in the traveler’s itinerary are available to select and do not require additional agent modification.
  • Booking Agent Experience: For PNRs with a rail segment included, the App will parse the rail data and make it available to select as a pick-up or drop-off location in the “Travel Itinerary”. Agents can also enter a new rail location from the “Traveler’s Locations” menu. When adding a new rail location, the station can be looked up by code or name.
  • Car Service Provider Experience: No changes.

Sabre Red App: HOD Lookup 

  • Description: Now hotels can be added via HOD.
  • BenefitAgents can quickly add hotel locations to reservation by using the HOD lookup option.
  • Booking Agent Experience: The HOD option for adding a hotel is available in the “Traveler’s Locations” section of the location selector. Entering a hotel ID will return the corresponding hotel and address and allow the agent to save it as a pick-up, drop off or additional stop on the reservation.
  • Car Service Provider Experience: No changes.

Sabre Red App: Improved Traveler Phone Number Validation 

  • Description: Phone numbers parsed from the PNR in excess of 20 characters will generate an error prior to the rate shop page.
  • Benefit: The phone number length validation takes place on the "Reservation Detail Entry" page, allowing agents to quickly fix errant phone numbers prior to rate shop and reservation creation.
  • Booking Agent Experience: When an invalid phone number is detected the Passenger Information modal opens and the errant phone number is flagged. Agents can update and save the corrected number.
  • Car Service Provider Experience: No changes.