Uploading User Profiles to an Enterprise Site



As a site administrator, you can update or add multiple users to your site at once. You can use the templates provided in the Partner Dashboard, and upload the file.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Profiles tab on the Partner Dashboard, and click the Download Templates link.
  2. Download the template for the spreadsheet file: UserProfileUploadTemplateInstructions.xls.
    Note: For details on downloading an XML template, or a CSV template, see Uploading User Profiles and Delegates.
  3. Add users to the spreadsheet file, following the format in the template. For instructions, see Preparing a Profile or Delegate Upload File.
  4. Save the spreadsheet as a "CSV" file.
  5. From the Profiles tab, click the Schedule Profile Upload link. The Profiles | Schedule Profile Upload page appears.
    Note: For more specific instructions on using the scheduling options, see Uploading User Profiles and Delegates
  6. Select Now or Once in the Schedule drop-down menu for a one-time upload.
  7. In the Job Options section, enter a name for the job in Job Description and an email address to identify where the Job Completion Email will be sent. 
  8. In the File Options section, click the radio button for "Upload from local file" for File Source, and "CSV" for File Format.
  9. Click the Choose File button to navigate to and select the saved "CSV" file.
  10. Choose User Profiles from the Load Type drop-down menu in the Load Options section, and click the "Allow New Users" radio button to add both existing and new users or the "Update Only (ignore new users)" if the file will only contain existing users.
  11. Click Submit to upload the file.

WarningDon't use commas in your data field values because they are reserved for use as separators.

Warning: Use care when manipulating a CSV file in Excel.