Deem Car Service "J" Release Notes

About Release Notes

The Deem release notes provide useful technical information about the latest release. For each release, the notes provide:

  • A high-level description of the release, including major changes and enhancements
  • Instructions to help you get started with setup and administration (when applicable)

Deem Car Service:  Direct Billing

Description:  Direct Bill has now been added as a billing option on the Car Service purchase page.

Benefit:  The Direct Bill payment option allows corporate accounts to pay via invoice from the car service provider. When enabled, bookers can reserve rides without a credit card.

Car Service Provider Experience:  When a car service provider’s account is set up for Direct Bill, the payment type associated with the ride will be "accounts payable", and the provider will invoice the account per the agreed terms.

Corporate Account Travel Admin Experience: The account will receive an invoice for car service reservations booked with the "Accounts payable" option.

End User Experience:   On the purchase page for enabled accounts, the payment type will now default to Accounts Payable. The booker still has the option to select or add a different payment type.

    • Note:  Corporate Account Travel Admins should contact their Deem Account Manager to enable Direct Bill.


Deem Car Service:   Reference Points

Description:  Reference Points (corporate address book) can now be added to assist users during a car service pick-up and drop-off location search.  

Benefit:  During a search, users can now select from a predefined list of reference points in the pickup and dropoff fields which creates a more enjoyable experience for the user.  

Car Service Provider Experience:  No change to CS Providers

Travel Admin Experience: Corporate reference points are loaded by the Travel Admin and are then sent to the Car Service Provider as a discreet address.

  • Note:  To upload a list of reference points, click HERE for directions.  ( // in the search field type in Reference Points and click on the page "Creating Reference Points") 

End User Experience:  The end users will be able to select pickup and drop-off locations from the predefined list of reference points that are loaded into the dashboard.  

  • Note:  If no reference point list is loaded the user experience is unchanged from the  current experience.