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The Deem release notes provide useful technical information about the latest release. For each release, the notes provide:

  • A high-level description of the release, including major changes and enhancements

  • Instructions to help you get started with setup and administration (when applicable)

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New Travel Partner Dashboard 2021.4 Release Notes

  • Deem Enhancements for 2021.4 Executive Summary  

  • About the Release Notes  

  • Enhancements for May 2021 (Release 2021.4)

    • Prototype.js Upgrade 

    • Private Rates file Export 

    • Branded Fares for Virgin Atlantic 

    • Sabre Profiles 

    • Loyalty Error Codes 

  • Bug Fixes for May 2021 (Release 2021.4)

    • Sabre Web Service Hotels 

    • Finnair Display Name 

    • Guest User Self-Delegation 

    • PNR Sync 

    • Process End Transact Errors 

    • Car Rental Membership ID 

    • Car Rental 

    • Southwest Airlines (WN) routes 

    • Purchasing Held Trips 



New Travel Partner Dashboard 2021.3 Release Notes

  • Deem Enhancements for 2021.3 Executive Summary  

  • About the Release Notes  

  • New Features for April 2021 (Release 2021.3) 

    •  Air SafetyCheck | Covid Testing 

  • Bug Fixes for April 2021 (Release 2021.3)

    • Location Service - Salem, OR and Salem, MA 



  • Deem Enhancements for 2021.2 Executive Summary  

  • About the Release Notes  

  • Enhancements for March 2021 (Release 2021.2)

    • Apollo - Hotel Discount Codes 

  • Bug Fixes for March 2021 (Release 2021.2)

    • New Search Hotel Booking 

    • Split-Ticketing 

    • Issues

    • Hotel Frequent Traveler Format 



  • Deem Enhancements for 2021.1.1 Executive Summary  

  • About the Release Notes  

  • Branding Update: Etta powered by Deem

  • Bug Fixes for February 2021 (Release 2021.1.1)

    • Non-US Phone Numbers Upload 

    • Translation Correction for Small Business (SMB) Wizard 

    • Custom Field on Trip Planner Page  

    • Reprice logic for Updated Segments 



  • Deem Enhancements for 2021.1.0 Executive Summary  

  • About the Release Notes  

  • Enhancements for January 2021 (Release 2021.1.0)  

    • XML PrimaryLangID Element for Car Details/Rules 

    • Passenger and Luggage Data 

    • GDS Record Locator in Optimus 

    • Provider-Specific Company IDs in Optimus 

    • Unique Itinerary ID for Stand-Alone Bookings in CSOBT 

    • EHI Direct Image Update 

  • Bug Fixes for January 2021 (Release 2021.1.0)

    • Remove Segments from Held Trips 

    • Fare Type Selection 

    • Car Special Requests 

    • "Hotel Details" Report on Dashboard 

    • Alitalia Flexible Fare 

    • Trip Planner Page 

    • Amadeus - PNR Edits 

    • Amadeus - Hotels 

    • Cost Allocation 



  • Deem Enhancements for 2020.3.2 Executive Summary 

  • About the Release Notes 

  • Enhancements for December 2020 (Release 2020.3.2) 

    • Car Rental SafetyCheck 

    • One-Way Flight Preference 

    • Amadeus Hotel Search Results 

  • Bug Fixes for December 2020 (Release 2020.3.2) 

    • Sabre CSL Stored Fare 

    • Sabre CSL Payment Card - Hotel Guarantee  

    • Sabre CSL Payment Card - Received Field 

    • Sabre CSL PNR  

    • Private Air Fare Discount Code for Mobile 

    • Apollo Interline Pricing 

    • Airline Code 9F 

    • Branded Fares Configuration 

    • Apple Map 

    • Amadeus Booking Flow 

    • Airport Code BER 



  • Deem Enhancements for 2020.3.1 Executive Summary

  • About the Release Notes

  • New Features for October 2020 (Release 2020.3.1)

    • Email Alerts for Duplicate Booking 

  • Enhancements for October 2020 (Release 2020.3.1)

    • Hotel Neighborhood SafetyCheck

    • Air SafetyCheck  

    • Routehappy Enhancement for Flight Search Results 

    • IE11 Browser Detect 

    • IE 11 Browser 

    • PNR Editor for Amadeus Users 

    • PNR Editor for Amadeus Users 

    • One-Way Flight 

    • BFM Query Updates 

  • Bug Fixes for October 2020 (Release 2020.3.1)

    • Airline Codes PC and BM  

    • Airline Codes 4O and LF have been added 

    • New Aircraft Type Codes

    • Conferma Virtual Payment Card 

    • BFM Search Results 

    • BFM Search Results 

    • Book Again Feature

    • PTA Process for Sabre Ancillary 

    • Hotel Code XT 

    • Unrestricted Fare Type for Flights 

    • Adding Flight to an Existing Booking 

    • Archived Reservation 



  • Deem Enhancements for 2020.3.0 Executive Summary

  • About the Release Notes

  • New Features for September 2020 (Release 2020.3.0)

    • Deem Check-In Service

    • Air SafetyCheck for Flight Results 

    • Neighborhood SafetyCheck for your Location

    • Internet Explorer (IE) Browser Detect

  • Enhancements for September 2020 (Release 2020.3.0)

    • Change Payment Method for Held Trips

  • Bug Fixes for September 2020 (Release 2020.3.0)

    • Hold Trip with Unused Ticket 

    • Single Sign-On (SSO) Verbiage

    • Change Link on Flight Search Results Page

    • Rail Itinerary Search 

    • Mobile App: Checked Baggage Fees Link

    • Mobile App: Flight Information for Connection Flights

    • Mobile App: Train Locations Typeahead

    • Mobile App: Checked Baggage Fees

    • One-Way Air Default Alignment

    • "Next" button on Hotel/Car Rental Search

    • Import/Export Contact

    • BFM Search Results Airline Discounts



Enhancements for 2020.2.0 (June 2020) 

  • Tiered Cost Allocations can be captured 

  • Tiered Cost Allocation feature working in post-purchase change flow

  • AirBookModify Request Update

  • Integration with ATPCO to provide real-time content to travelers

  • Hotel membership numbers on confirmation emails

  • Branded fare pricing codes added for Virgin Atlantic Airlines

  • Mobile application hotel verbiage updated 

  • All custom fields are passed to Conferma virtual pay provider

  • PNR auto-cancellation block notification

  • Hotel membership numbers on calendar events

  • Enabled WN/Southwest as a full ARC participant with live tickets

  • Updated expiration date and penalty fee amounts impacted by COVID-19 rules

  • Deem Rise - Customer-negotiated rates for hotel  

  • Deem Rise - Customer-negotiated hotel discounts set as preferred

  • Deem Rise - Customer-negotiated rates for rental car 

  • Deem Rise - Customer-negotiated air discounts set as preferred

  • Deem Rise - Customer-negotiated private rates for air with Account Codes

  • Deem Rise - Enabled Southwest Direct Access (SDA) on individual self-service sites



Enhancements for 2020.1.1 (April 2020)

  • Updated schedule search flow with Sabre BFM

  • Updated Trip Cost Summary

  • Added LAJ (Lajes, Brazil) airport

  • Updated currency symbol in hotel room rate results

  • Corrected instant purchase carriers

  • Enhanced Eurostar display



Enhancements for 2020.1.0 (March 2020)

  • IATA - Changed standards for collecting passenger information

  • Removed Speedy Boarding for RyanAir

  • Added airport code SCK (Stockton, CA) 

  • TravelFusion carriers have been updated



Enhancements for 2020.0.1 (Jan 2020)

  • Cost Allocation File Uploads

  • Auto-Expanded Filters for Flight Search

  • Enhanced Flight Fare Default Tab

  • Enhanced Flight Filtering for One-Stop Options

  • New Airport Codes



  • Enhancements for 2019.3.0 (Dec 2019)

    • Six New Languages Available

    • Hotel Super Brands Grouping in Search Filter

    • Hotel Membership Assignment to Bookings

    • Enhanced Confirmation Process for Flight Seat Requests

    • Flight Seat Request Approval for Loyalty Status Travelers

    • British Airways Interactive Flight Seat Map

    • Flight Seat Request Status Messaging

    • Dashboard Configuration for Optional Cost Allocation Assignment

    • User Interface Enhancements to Unused Tickets Display

    • Regional Sky Airlines

    • Ravn Alaska / Corvus Airlines

    • Beijing, China Airport PKX

    • Mocopulli, Chile Airport MHC

  • Bug Fixes in the 2019.3.0 Release

    •  Cost allocation data when purchasing from hold and modifying the booking

    • Lufthansa flights pricing down into basic fare 

    • Improvement for married segment processing

    • Issues processing change return flight only

    • Forced connection airport improvement

    • Updated flight fare rule logic



  • Enhancements for 2019.2.1

    • Virtual Payment Solution for Hotel

    • Configuration for Dynamic Air Policy Assessment

    • Enhanced out-of-policy and lower cost flight options

    • Deem Mobile App Single-Sign-On (SSO)

    • Display of Hotel Taxes and Fees on Trip Review Page

    • Sun Country Airlines Added to Instant Purchase Airline Carriers

    • Additional Countries Available for Deem Mobile App SMS Notifications



  • Enhancements for 2019.2.0 (July 2019)

    • Improved lower-cost flight recommendation engine

    • Company based non-compliant policy message 

    • Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) Now Available

    • Scoot Airlines now available as an ancillary airline option

    • Site card configuration includes car rental and car service

  • Bug Fixes in the 2019.2.0 Release

    • Latency issues accessing Deem through Single Sign-On (SSO)

    • Hotel rooms incorrectly displaying as sold out

    • Hotel membership issue on Deem Mobile App bookings

    • Airline carriers filter not displaying selected checkbox

    • Pre-trip approval notification recipient issue

    • Delegate reservations associated with incorrect traveler



  • Improved tabs usability for flights with more than four fare tiers 

  • Cost Allocation section moved and renamed

  • Bug Fixes in the 2019.1.3 Release

    • Mixed flight fare tiers causing looping back to outbound flight selection

    • Schedule search reprice issue down-grading selected fare tier

    • Delta repricing from premium economy into lower fare tier

    • Failure to create airfare PNR in Apollo when pricing rules fail and fare cannot be stored

    • Unable to complete the booking in Apollo on Deem Mobile App

    • Airfare passenger type not being captured in the stored fare

    • Split-ticketing configuration inconsistently applied from parent agency settings

    • Virgin Australia listed twice in air memberships selection menu

    • Hotel search results filter resetting with pagination



  • Dynamic Site Messaging (DSM) configurations available at the Partner level

  • Hotel search by property name

  • Hotel super-brands identified and grouped within the Deem user profile 

  • Time zone selection during user registration

  • New Southwest Hawaii routes added



  • Basic economy fares can now be blocked across all carriers

  • Search flights by cabin-class for outbound and inbound flights

  • Hotel super-brands identified and grouped within the Deem user profile

  • Configuration available to prevent users from applying for unused tickets

  • Configurations available to individually select travel services for search and booking

  • "Share Trip" email notifications will identify the sender in the email subject line

  • Hotel "per diem" label has been updated to "rate cap" on the hotel results page

  • Updated messaging to notify users of alternate airport selection



  • Multiple Languages Available for Selection 

  • Alaska Airlines Basic Economy Fares to Display with "Saver" Label

  • Safari Support Upgraded

  • Norwegian Airline Name Correction

  • Marriott Loyalty Program Name Change

  • BTA American Express Site Card for Travelfusion Bookings

  • Configuration to Hide Emergency Contact on Purchase Page

  • Alignment of Names Display in Airline Filter

  • New Zealand Time Zones Now Available

  • Israel Standard Time Zones Now Available

  • Eastern Australia Time Zone Now Available

  • Bug Fixes 



  • Discontinued Services

  • Improvements


    • United Airlines Added to Premium Economy 

    • Airport Added (CRK)

    • Mixed Cabin Class Visibility

    • Hotel Filter

  • Mobile Fixes

  • Bug Fixes





  • WOW Air (WW) is now available in the system

  • California Pacific Airlines (4A) and BMI (BM) can now be blocked in the system

  • Update Deem Car Service credit card handler to better support non-US addresses

  •  Enhance profile upload error handling for invalid phone numbers

  • Fix Spanish language layout issue when search off airport rental car

  • Update ancillary source badge for TravelFusion sourced flights to read 'Web Fare'

  • Enhance Sabre pricing logic to handle certain CAT35 unrestricted fare types

  • Remove connecting train message displayed for non-stop train service

  • Fix error when adding hotel to an existing flight booking

  • Fix trip planner search summary when multiple hotels are selected

  • Improve flight results filtering logic to better identify lower cost options

  • Correct the origin and destination location descriptor on trip review and purchase page



  • Enabled UK Rail Service 

  • Dynamic Site Messaging for Fare Basis Code and Ticket Designator 

  • Improved Error Handling On Password Resets 

  • Adjustable Hotel Search Radius 



  • Deem Fource Alliance Now Supports Car Service Bookings and Split Ticketing

  • Collapse Dynamic Site Messages

  • Disabled Cabin Class Update

  • Branded Fare Error Handling Improvement

  • Hotels Aligned with Flights Arriving After Midnight

  • Tiruchirapalli International Airport and Jauja Airport are now available in the system





  • Change Return Flight Behavior

  • Book Again Update

  • Branded Fare Updates

  • Unused Tickets on Southwest Direct

  • Share Trip From Email Address

  • Private Rate Hotel Properties

  • Club Carlson now Radisson Rewards

  • Parana, Argentina now available in the system



  • Share Trip

  • Improved Flight Navigation

  • Seat Map Enhancements

  • Facebook Messenger Integration

  • HelpMe 

  • Split Ticketing Savings Threshold

  • Profile Page Save Button

  • Site Administration Page Update

  • Airport Parking Support Discontinued

  • Car Service With Direct Bill Enhancement

  • Vegetarian Meal Update

  • Hotel Search Correction

  • Nagoya, Japan (NGO) added to Mobile Application



  • Seat Map Enhancements

  • Alternate Fare Tiers added to Lower Fare Options

  • Ability to Multi-Select Cabin Classes

  • Default to Any on Policy Filter

  • Flight Details Updated

  • Split Ticketing Enablement

  • Connecting City Flight Search Improvement

  • Air Canada Comfort Class Support

  • Hotel Travel Policy 

  • Connection to Infor Expense Available for Deem Global Administrators

  • Purchase from Hold and Change Trip Enhancements

  • Spirit Airlines Update

  • Book Again Workflow When Changing Dates

  • Passenger Capacity updates for Rental Cars

  • Changing Reservations or Canceling Improvement

  • Cancellation Policy Rules Display

  • Preferred Hotel Icon Correction

  • Southwest Direct Bookings not Updated in Worldspan

  • Southwest Changes and cancellations offline not reflected online

  • Southwest Direct Bookings failing when Cardholder's Name Exceeds 30 characters

  • Southwest Shopping in Sabre

  • Additional Booking Classes of Service added for Southwest

  • Support for Dongying Airport

  • Cabin Class Update for All Nippon Airways

  • New Routes for Jet Blue

  • Updated Warwick Hotel Logo in Denver

  • Updated Airline Name to Air Italy

  • Google Geocode Utility Update



  • HR Feeds and Unused Ticket Feeds Improvement

  • Change or Cancel Car Service Post Booking

  • Hotel Name Filter

  • Private Rate Hotel Policy

  • Car Rental Excise duty/Road fund license fee

  • Car Rental Passenger Van

  • Sabre Seat Map Improvement for Business Class in Two Level Airplanes

  • Book Again Enhancement

  • Flight Status Text Notifications

  • Unused Ticket Messaging Improvement

  • Unused Ticket Enhancements

  • Dongying Airport (DOY) and Ixtepec (IZT) Added to the system

  • Aberdeen, United Kingdom has been removed from the system

  • Moxy Hotel Now Supported

  • Via Airlines Support

  • Split Ticketing and Multi City Search Enhancement

  • Porter Airlines Branded Fares

  • Jet Blue Branded Fares

  • Flight Search Type Ahead

  • Chrome Browser Enhancement

  • Calendar Update

  • Airport Parking Cancellation Announcement

  • Apollo clients only - TASINFO10 - PREVIOUS ENTRY IN PROGRESS error handling



  • New UI: Trip Planner Page color change - Remove product icon 

  • Known Traveller Number and Redress Number on Puchase Page for Flights

  • Disallowing Hold of Instant Purchase Carrier Tickets

  • Product-Specific Custom Fields on Purchase Page

  • Archived Reservations: 12 Month Limit

  • Upcoming and Archived Reservations: Search, Sort, Filter

  • Class of Service Flight Filter Persistence

  • JetBlue Fare Tier Pricing in Sabre

  • Southwest Direct Phone Number



  • New UI: Font color change

  • Sabre Branded Fares

  • Sabre Fare Rules for non-ADT Passengers

  • Fare Basis Code and Ticket Designator String in Air Search Results Tooltip

  • Non-Refundable/Refundable Flight Badge and Fare Rules & Restrictions for Multi-Fares

  • Southwest Direct Auto-Check-in Emergency Contact Phone Number Format

  • Southwest Direct Auto-Check-in Subsequent Check-in Attempt

  • Flight Flexible Date Search to Honor Maximum Allowable Booking Time

  • Daily Rate in Car Rental Matrix

  • Car Rental Special Requests on Purchase Page

  • Car Rental Location Update Upon Time Search Change 

  • Default Credit Card in Booking XML

  • ‘Keep Original Trip’ Navigation Post-Purchase

  • New UI: Itinerary Modification for Delegates

  • Hotel Chain/Brand Mapping Refresh

  • Auto-Cancellation of Flight + Hotel On-Hold Itineraries with

  • Partner Dashboard: Hotel Discount/Corporate Number Length



New Travel Work Fource 2017.2.4 (Minor) Release Notes

  • Unused Tickets Update

  • Lower Fare and In-Policy Airfare Enhancements (Flexible Fare enabled only)

  • Change Existing Flight Options Display Enhancement

  • Connection Airport Filter Improvement

  • EVA Airways Premium Economy Update

  • Updated Provider Logos

  • Aer Arann Brand Replacement Update on Travelfusion

  • Default Trip Name for Hotel Only Booking Feature

  • Change Trip Details for Car Service Booking Update

  • Hotel Availability Based on Rates Filter Enhancement

  • Performance Improvement for Hotel Search Results

  • Car Rental Information Tool Tip Formatting Update

  • Car Service Only Itinerary Enhancement

  • Changes to Multi-Stop Car Service Segments Update

  • Great Britain (GB) Train Stations with IATA Codes Improvement

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