Configuring and Using Automated Ticket Exchange

Automated ticket exchange provides enhanced online flight change functionality and automated ticket exchange processing, which helps reduce liability while saving time and ensuring accuracy. It automatically recalculates complex fares, taxes and penalties for domestic and international flights. Users are aware of fees and other rules at the shopping level, allowing them to make smart decisions. It even signals users if lower-cost, in-program fares are available for exchange. The feature works within the Change Trip Assistant to give users the flexibility to change single or roundtrip flights as well as hotel bookings and car rentals.

Automated ticket exchange is available only for the Sabre global distribution system (GDS). The Sabre exchange service validates ticket fare rules and guarantees the exchange. 

"I" Release Enhancement

Automated Ticket Exchange (ATE) Enhancement for Canadian Market

Purpose:  Business Settlement Plan (BSP) support has now been added to ATE for the Canadian market. 

Benefits:  Agencies now can leverage ATE for all Canadian points of sale transactions.

Automated Ticket Exchange Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Configuring Automated Ticket Exchange for a Site