Deem and Privacy: Learn How Employee Data is Managed

What data does Deem have access to and how is it managed:   

 Deem maintains PNR data for at least 10 years.
We maintain log files for at least 3 years.
We maintain Profile data forever. However, if a customer leaves Deem, they can request we render the profile data to remove all the PII data. The profile remains, as it is tied back to the PNR data, but all PII data within the profile is overwritten with meaningless data. 


Who has access:

Access to Deem data is dependent upon roles and responsibilities within our organization.  The various access roles are below.  A complete and thorough background check is done prior to the appropriate access being granted.  Background checks are completed annually.  Deem only uses the data in support of the customers/partners.  

Domain Admin


A domain admin has access to a select domain or domains in our system.  These are generally for customers to manage that particular domain or domains. Each domain has one or more sites


Super Domain Admin


A Super Domain is really for partner level.  Let’s say for example, you are CWT, and you have 100 domains.  You would then have admin access to all domains under that super domain umbrella.  These accounts are generally for TMCs so they can manage all of the domains under that Super domain. Examples could include Administrator Manager, Domain Creator and Super Domain administrator


Global Admin 


Global access is everything.  You have access to all domains across the dashboard OR multiple Super Domains.  These are only for Deem employees.


Global Tool Access


This provides access to global tools for the selected roles e.g., Expense receipt processor, Feeds Reporter, Feeds Upload Administrator, Object Editor, Service Configurator Tech Support, or Admin Manager.