Display Option Rules

The display option rules define the default user settings for date, time, and measurement fields, which you can assign to one or more groups or the Everyone group. 

Please NoteDisplay Option Rules configuration is applied to users as soon as they’re ACTIVATED! Disclaimer: Once users are activated, Time Zone, Currency, etc. can only be updated manually by editing them for each user.

Tip: To learn how to set up and manage groups, see Groups Tab for Managing Groups 

Click the Display Option Rules link under the Rules tab. The Rules | Display Option Rules page appears. Each Group row shows the following in the rightmost column: 

  • Add link indicates there are currently no display option rules established for the group.
  • Edit link in green indicates there are display option rules established for the group and they are active.
  • Edit link in yellow indicates that although there are display option rules established for the group, they are inactive.

Tip: Groups are prioritized to decide which rule will be applied if a user is a member of more than one group. The Priority column appears to the left of each group. The lower the priority number (located at the top of the list), the higher the rule priority this group will have. The rule with the lowest priority will be applied to members of the group. If a user belongs to more than one group, the group with the lowest priority number (the one appearing closest to the top of the list) is chosen to govern the access and options available. To change the priority of a group, enter a number in the Priority column for the group, and click Save Priority Changes.

To add or edit display option rules, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Add or Edit link in the rightmost column for the group (either a named group, or the Everyone group).
  2. Enter or edit the Description that describes the intent of this rule, and click the Activate Rule checkbox to make the rule active.
  3. Scroll down to the “Then” section of the page, and set the following option defaults:
    1. Date: Choose "Month Day Year” or "Day Month Year”.

    2. Time: Choose "12 Hour Clock" or "24 Hour Clock".

    3. Time Zone: Choose the default time zone from the dropdown menu.
    4. Measurement: Choose "US/Imperial" for miles, feet, inches, pounds, and ounces, or "Metric" for kilometers, meters, kilograms, grams, etc.).
    5. Currency: Choose the default currency from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Save button.

Note: To commit all of your changes after saving them, click the changes not applied link at the top of the page. The Commit Changes page appears. Click the Commit button.

Tip: The user can change display settings in the user profile. See "Display Settings" in the user help.