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Table of Contents

You can set up email templates for the activation, reminder, and password reset emails. After clicking the Settings tab, click click the Email Settings link. The Settings | Email Settings page appears, divided into the following sections:toc

After changing email settings, click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


  • Administrator Activation E-Mail Definitions (HTML & Text): The This is the email an administrator will receive upon activation. We recommend that you use the same email for the Administrator Email and the End User Activation Email so that you can see what the end user is receiving. 
    Tip: Click the Preview Activation E-Mail link to send a preview of the activation email. Enter the recipient email address(es). 
  • Administrator Reminder E-Mail Definitions (HTML & Text): The reminder email an administrator will receive if the user has been activated and has not yet used the services. 
    Tip: Click the Preview Reminder E-Mail link to send a preview of the reminder email.